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IMG_2388Kai-Schmidhuber-FraportTwo years ago, in one of the stand-out presentations of 2016  The Trinity Forum in Mumbai, Kai Schmidhuber, wowed the audience with the proactive way in which one of Europe’s leading airport companies has embraced the digital world. Kai showcased his creation of the worlds largest and most comprehensive multichannel online shopping ecosystem at Frankfurt Airport. Through that, the airport, airlines as well as retailers have found new ways of cooperation, new business models have been piloted. Some say that Kai`s speech was literally the starting signal for intensifying the digitization efforts of many airports. Much has happened since then – many airports invest millions of dollars in the digital transformation of their travel retail business. Color logo with background

And now, two years after his infamous speech, Kai is posing a very polarizing question: Is it really worth it? Is there a real business case? Or is it rather magicians and jugglers who want to sell you extensive solutions to stately budgets with at least „dubious benefits“? Seen as as a co-founder of this „omnichannel hype“, Kai Schmidhuber is a perfect match to evaluate the pros and cons of the digitization of travel retail in every detail.IMG_2342Together with his team of experts, Kai has handcrafted an unique yet absolutely result driven workshop concept: DEMYSTIFY DIGITAL! What is it? You and a selected circle of key decision takers will be enabled to find out in a single day workshop what would be the maximum solution in digital consumer centricity at a minimum effort. Agile, focused and purely business driven – the handcrafted and absolutely state-of-the-art workshop concept will carve out the why, the what and the how your travel retail business will play in the game called “digitization madness“. What will you get at the end? A clear view on the digital options, what works and what doesnot work according to Kai and his team`s extensive experience. All that topped with a concrete action plan. Save millions – and still do the right thing.Color logo with backgroundBook your session with Kai and his expert team today! Fill out this form or just write an email to

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Kai Schmidhuber PortraitABOUT: Kai Schmidhuber, multiple founder and top executive in four “Fortune-500”-companies within the last 13 years, is a renowned corporate digital transformation specialist. He has solid experience in business development, innovation, marketing, internet technology and e-commerce, especially in the fields of logistics, transport, tourism, aviation, travel retail and FMCG. Prior to joining L’Oréal as Chief Digital Officer, Kai served as Senior Vice President being responsible for the overall digitalization strategy of Fraport AG (Frankfurt Airport, among others) and thought leader for digital airport transformation.