Keynote Speaker

  • IMG_0745Economic futurist and visionary
  • Brought same day delivery in Germany to life
  • Digitally transformed the world leader in beauty
  • Digitalized the travel retail customer experience and created the most comprehensive online shopping ecosystem of the travel industry
  • Created Germany’s third biggest online shopping marketplace (1bn)
  • Logistics innovator, transport revolutionizer, FMCG retail expert, digital transformation missionary.
Kai Schmidhuber Keynote Speaker
Kai Schmidhuber is a worldwide requested keynote speaker. His USP: Kai digitized four “Fortune-500”-corporations on top executive positions. He KNOWS what he is talking about from first hand experience.

Kai Schmidhuber can only be described as a logistics innovator, communications expert, entrepreneur par excellence, and digital strategy mastermind.

And he REALLY KNOWS WHAT HE IS TALKING ABOUT! Why? Because Kai brings to the table over thirteen years worth of top executive working experience, combining what he has learned during disruptional projects for large multinationals with an entrepreneurial spirit. He is what is termed an ‘imagineer’, someone who has the ability to imagine the final result while those around him only see the challenges.

Kai Schmidhuber serves currently as Chief Digital Officer of L’Oréal Germany GROUP and responsible for the overall company digital transformation. In addition, his work experience has seen him fulfill roles as Senior Vice President responsible for digitization strategy, UX, e-commerce, CRM, mobile applications, and the duty-free and travel retail business at Frankfort airport, one of Europe’s busiest international airports. Before that he served as Vice President at DHL Europe, being responsible for breakthrough logistics innovations in the context of e-commerce in Europe and Germany.

Kai is also a successful founder and entrepreneur, currently holding 3 companies. His biggest startup success turned out – after 10 years of professional and full-hearted management, to be european e-commerce market leader in customized fortune cookies.

Kai Schmidhuber – Speaker

Kai presents a hard-hitting, prophetic speech involving a broad array of digital perspectives he gathered during his thirteen years of professional experience serving as top executive in various Fortune 500 companies. He will speak about successes and fails of digital transformation projects, allowing his audience to look behind the scenes of big corporates. What is a PR story, what is real? What were the challenges to overcome when it came to organisational setup, IT development or e-commerce operations. He entertains his audiences by describing future customer experiences and expectations, focusing on monetisation, ROI, and creating customer experiences.

His keynote focusses on how digital disruption puts major players under pressure, disrupt yourself or get disrupted.  As the world is entering the third phase of digitization where artificial intelligence will raise the bar in terms of customer experience. Customer experience is evolving from a mobile-first to an AI-first business. For customers this is the start of the most exciting phase ever. They will enjoy benefits like hyper-personalization, faster than real-time customer service and the most user-friendly interfaces ever seen.

Kai will describe how to invest in the customer experience of the day after tomorrow, especially with focus on monetization, ROI and creating unique consumer experiences. He includes best practices from his previous jobs with a variety of real-life cases and new management models.

Speaking Topics

  • Behind the scenes of the BIG PLAYERS: Transformation in logistics, retail, transport, Enlight43.jpg
  • THE END OF DIGITAL – is the bubble bursting? How to bring reason into digitization mania.
  • The world is entering the third phase of digitization where artificial intelligence will raise the bar in terms of customer experience.
  • How digital throws us back into medival times. A scary outlook.



  • January: Industry 4.0 Strategytalks by CINTONA, Bonn
  • February: Forum Unternehmertum, Munich
  • March:
    • Internetworld Expo Trend Arena, Munich
    • HR Future Day, Munich
    • Innovation Summit, Munich
    • IT Strategy Days, Bensberg
  • April: TBA




Keynote: Fails & learnings in digital transformation of three industry sectors

Date: 25/02/2019

Location: Unternehmertum Forum, Munich, BMW World

HR FUTURE DAY: Keynote on fails and wins of HR transformation in Digital

Date: 12/03/2019

Location: Munich

Internet World Expo: Keynote Headliner

Date: 12/03/2019

Location: Munich, Academy of German Media


Date: 14/03/2019

Location: Munich

CV of Kai Schmidhuber:
Kai Schmidhuber is a successful e-business founder, speaker and venture capitalist. Kai is also Chief Digital Officer of L’Oréal Germany, the global beauty leader. He is responsible for the cross-brand digital transformation of the company, focusing on e-commerce, digital customer relationships (CRM), big data analytics and innovation for Germany. In 2019, Kai became board member of Germany’s second largest marketing organization, The Marketing Club Düsseldorf. After starting with global consumer goods manufacturer Henkel, he was responsible for its international brand strategy. After moving to Deutsche Post DHL, Kai Schmidhuber was vice president of product development for DHL’s new business, including building the third largest German online marketplace, introducing same-day delivery in Germany, and developing the delivery of parcels by drone. Prior to joining L’Oréal Deutschland, Kai Schmidhuber was Senior Vice President for the overall digitalization strategy of Fraport AG (Frankfurt Airport, among others), especially in the areas of UX, online shopping, CRM and mobile applications. 


Kai Schmidhuber ist Mehrfachgründer, Unternehmensberater und Venture Capitalist. Zudem ist Kai Chief Digital Officer bei L’Oréal Deutschland, dem weltweiten Beauty Marktführer. Er verantwortet die markenübergreifende digitale Transformation des Unternehmens, insbesondere mit Fokus auf E-Commerce, Incubation digitale Kundenbeziehungen (CRM) und Data Science. In 2019 wurde Kai außerdem in den Vorstand der zweitgrößten Marketing-Organisation Deutschlands berufen, den Marketing Club Düsseldorf. Nach seinem Start bei dem weltweit tätigen Konsumgüterhersteller Henkel war er für dessen internationale Markenstrategie verantwortlich. Nachdem er anschließend zur Deutschen Post DHL wechselte, war Schmidhuber als Vice President Product Development für die Erschließung neuer Geschäftsfelder von DHL verantwortlich, darunter der Aufbau des heute drittgrößten deutschen Online Marktplatzes, die Einführung von Same Day-Delivery in Deutschland sowie die Entwicklung der Paketlieferung per Drohne. Vor seinem Engagement bei L’Oréal Deutschland war Kai Schmidhuber als Senior Vice President für die gesamthafte Digitalisierungsstrategie der Fraport AG (u.a. Flughafen Frankfurt zuständig.