Workshop: Become agile.

What's behind the buzz word "agility" – and how can you and your team get started here? This workshop will show you the possibilities, tools and ways. This workshop is applied demystification – agilely loses its reputation as a "cool secret science".

Interactive in-house workshop for you and your team

In this workshop, you'll learn how to choose the right agile tools and methods for your business and team. Result: faster project implementation, more ideas, more joy at work through more collaboration, exchange and teamwork. You will get to know agile methods interactively – in exercises and power sessions. And: even at lunch.

What does the workshop offer you?

First of all, the theme "AGIL" is finally demystifier! In this workshop, you will learn about the methods and elements of the various agile frameworks and test whether and how you can use them in a meaningful way in your team. At the end of the day, you go home with your very individual "method case".

Even lunch is agile. Your team will be thrilled!

Concrete content:

  • Agile Methods: Scrum and Design Thinking
  • What are agile principles and an agile mindset
  • Practice: How do such principles fail?
  • Teamwork: How successful teams use agile methods
  • Establish agile methods and use them successfully
  • And: ALWAYS AND ALWAYS AGAIN joint exercises, instructive games and teamwork tasks.
  • You go home with: your personal method and tool case – for you and your team. Individually developed, tested and put together in the workshop:

Your workshop leader: Kai Schmidhuber

Mr. Schmidhuber is a specialist in digitalization and innovation. He has gained management digital experience in four multinational corporations and in retail, among others. (a). Henkel, DHL, Fraport and as Chief Digital Officer of LOREAL Germany. As a management consultant, his mission is to "digitally demystify" and help companies reinvent themselves in the digital world. In particular, Mr. Schmidhuber has many years of experience in the agile implementation of projects and the design of agile change in teams. And this in conservative corporate contexts as well as in the development of his own companies and startups according to agile methods. In short, Mr. Schmidhuber knows the problems and challenges in corporate structures. And also paths "through". He is also a proven sME expert:

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