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You don't need more! With this PowerPoint template, you can present every strategy and change in no time.

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Digital transformation – this is CHANGE MANAGEMENT in its purest form. Digital transformation means that all the central elements of a business strategy are reshaped – around the needs and needs of the customer. This applies to technologies, processes and even the organisational structure in the company. Change management is in demand.

In my professional career, I have helped many companies to start, manage and ultimately achieve the desired result. For me, "TUN" has always been much more important than talking. However, you can't get around it – a strategy has to be presented sensibly.

But why reinvent the wheel? I have compiled the Top 22 Frameworks for The Design of Entrepreneurial Change in the form of an extensive template collection for you. And of course, the well-known frameworks of the major management consulting firms are also included here. From the Impact Assessment matrix for change to RACI, 7S and Strategy Map. Here, everything is there for everyone who needs to shape change and present their ideas.

This chartset is perfect for anyone who needs to create a strategy presentation in the corporate or study context. Save time in creating the right slides, give your strategy more impression, comprehensibility and acceptance by choosing the right frameworks and tools!

Of course, you will also find such templates elsewhere. What sets them apart from the rest here:

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  • Quality: You get frameworks that REALLY work
  • Variability: All charts are open, freely configurable and usable as desired
  • Price: Unbeatable. You will not find a template set in this quality and variability on the Internet, which even comes close to my price point. Because: I don't want to get rich from it. I want to help! And would also be happy to talk to you about your challenges.
  • Templates: The slides are all open/not locked and freely adaptable. At many request, the description and explanatory texts are in English, as this is often the one used in corporate reality. All texts are of course easy to customize.