Workshop: Solving Complexity Together – with Serious Play!

Why hold meetings, brainstorming and useless strategy workshops? It's easier and more effective! Visualize complex issues and their solutions together in a team – with LEGO's Serious Play method®.

Play seriously – playfully solve problems. Together and as a team.

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is a method of developing solutions to topics and problems in a wide range of areas. Improve communication, develop strategies and visions or optimize working methods and processes – with this method it succeeds in a playful way. And by the way, you dramatically strengthen the sense of belonging and mutual understanding.

What awaits you

Together with your team and above all: with your own hands, you will experience the advantages of three-dimensional problem solving. They learn how to translate building blocks into three-dimensional models. Don't worry, you don't have to be an artist or a craftsman. You develop models for various questions that are relevant to you and your company. No complexity is too great for this method.

The individual models are then reflected together in an iterative process in the group, supplemented and finally combined into a holistic model. They develop a functioning, ALL SIDE-SUPPORTED, solution approach for a complex topic. With geling guarantee and high fun factor!


Below you will find some impressions for an all-day Serious Play Workshop with a leading producer of sparkling wine. In a cross-functional team, we have developed a common organizational strategy that integrates marketing, e-commerce and the IT landscape. A complete success.


The appointment will be carefully prepared with you and the questions to be resolved will be discussed. The procedure in the workshop is standardized and has been tested millions of times worldwide:

  • Skill Building: You and her team learn how to deal with the small building blocks and what role they play in the further process
  • Practical exercises
  • Processing of individual tasks as well as joint reflection of the 3D solutions developed
  • Bringing ideas together and transferring them to practice and the way forward
  • Use of innovative project planning methods we "Project Canvas", Business Modeling, Swimlane-Session and much more.

Your director: Kai Schmidhuber

Mr. Schmidhuber is a specialist in digitalization and innovation. He has gained management digital experience in four multinational corporations and in retail, among others. (a). Henkel, DHL, Fraport and as Chief Digital Officer of LOREAL Germany. As a management consultant, his mission is to "digitally demystify" and help companies reinvent themselves in the digital world. And this also includes applying creative elements and methods in their maximum expression and effectiveness. Kai is tried and tested and has accompanied many SERIOUS PLAY sessions. Incidentally, both as a leader and as a participant.