Seminar: Using data profitably in brick-and-mortar retail

One of the most important current challenges for retailers is to find out if and how they can use "data" profitably for their business. 

Combined seminar workshop including data analysis

It does not matter whether an online shop already exists and en masse e-commerce data is collected, or whether it is so far rooted exclusively in brick-and-mortar retail. Data is created anytime, anywhere. Properly interpreted and used, they can be a true gold mine. Customer data, transaction data, receipt data, product data – they can all be evaluated, combined and used for various purposes and areas. Whether for the design of offers, optimisation of profitability, personalisation or local marketing of their product range on the Internet (without an online shop) – everything is possible with the right data strategy! 

What do you and your retail business have of this?

The focus of this in-house small group seminar with workshop elements is on case studies with real applications from many areas of business and commerce. In addition, you will be familiarized with the concepts of data science and will learn how to view, evaluate and make use of existing data. In the course of the seminar, you will learn how to perform a multidimensional actual analysis of your existing data structure and identify initial fields of action and concrete project options. Based on this, you will learn how to systematically build up a "data roadmap" for the next few years.

Seminar and workshop structure

The seminar and workshop sessions last a total of 2 days. A day is used for teaching and discussing the data-specific basics and basic possibilities for action. On the following workshop day, you will develop the basic option rooms of a data strategy and identify relevant projects. The final discussion and evaluation will be concluded.


  • Comprehensive basic mediation on the topic "Data", etc. (a). Data Types and Data Quality, Data Science, Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence
  • Mediation of trends and possibilities for legally compliant data collection in the store as well as online 
  • Intensive communication of the analysis potentials and possible uses of different data types
  • Discussion of the current legal situation, especially before the view of data protection, GDPR and cookie guidelines
  • Multicellular and diverse case studies and application inspirations from business and commerce, online and offline
  • Extensive workshop session to develop an assessment of data set as well as its combinability and application options
  • Discussion, exchange of experiences and in the confidential context of a small group seminar (only your company, not third parties)

Your seminar leader: Kai Schmidhuber

Mr. Schmidhuber is a specialist in digitalization and innovation. He has gained management digital experience in four multinational corporations and in retail, among others. (a). Henkel, DHL, Fraport and as Chief Digital Officer of LOREAL Germany. As a management consultant, his mission is to "digitally demystify" and help companies reinvent themselves in the digital world. In particular, Mr. Schmidhuber has many years of experience in cooperation at the interface between manufacturers, retailers and consumers. He is also a proven sME expert:

Lesen Sie die Kolumne von Kai Schmidhuber über Digitalstrategien für den Mittelstand

Are you a retailer from Bavaria? In this case, please contact the RID Foundation directly, which will support our seminar offer from 2020.

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