My mission: digitally demystify!

Kai Schmidhuber: Specialist in digitization & inventorry, founder with senior executive experience in four multinational companies.

No buzzwords. No secret science. No blah blah.

My motto: Digitization – never done before? Then it is possible! After top executive positions at LOREAL, HENKEL, DHL and FRAPORT, as a digital transformer, it is my passion to help people and companies reinvent themselves.

My mission: digitally demystify! I work without buzzwords and I'm not one of the "magicians" who make the digital world a secret science. With me you get clear text and input that will take your company forward here today. From experience. And I know what I'm talking about. Because I have already implemented each and every one of my recommendations myself or accompanied them in their consequences. I bring in more than thirteen years of professional experience "with rolled up sleeves" and combine this with the entrepreneurial spirit of four successful start-up foundations. I am the founder of the very successful e-commerce company, author of the board game FLIPFLICK, producer of a podcast production and co-founder of a center for meditation in Spain. And I've started DEMYSTIFY DIGITAL'S AI RETAIL.

Even as a keynote speaker with more than 70 performances in 2019, I rock my audience with the most exciting stories. Because I only report on my own experiences, my frequent failureands and the lessons learned from them. Motivational boost guaranteed!

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My services for you:

Let's reinvent your business together.

I help customers who are at the beginning of their digital transformation to find the right digital strategy and operational approach – and in doing so, the thicket of all possible options based on real experience in five industries and four multinationals. companies. My specialty is particularly important in understanding conservative corporate cultures. I am able to initiate the most complex pilot and lighthouse projects, which can be realized as "impossible", and implement them within a short period of time – always with the aim of involving relevant stakeholders as much as possible, all levels in the company. and motivate even larger projects. 

My opinion: The digital transformation works best without a buzzword cannon, PowerPoint voodoo, rainmakers and magicians who turn it into a secret science. And digitization is not an end in itself. How would a startup digitally re-create your previous business model? If you want new results, you have to break new ground.

Together we find ways out of the vacuum of existing corporate philosophy and new requirements through digital change!

About me

My corporate career

I am a multiple founder, lecturer, management consultant and passionate "inventor". I have gained senior executive digital experience in four multinational corporations, including others. Henkel, DHL , Fraport and LOREAL Germany, where I started the cross-brand digital transformation of the company as Chief Digital Officer, in particular with a focus on e-commerce, incubation of digital customer relationships (CRM) and data science. In 2019, I was also appointed to the board of the second largest marketing organization in Germany, the Marketing Club Düsseldorf. After starting at the global consumer goods manufacturer Henkel, I was responsible for its international brand strategy. After joining Deutsche Post DHL, I was vice president of product development responsible for developing dhl's new business areas, including the development of Germany's third-largest online marketplace, the introduction of Same Day-Delivery in Germany as well as the development of parcel delivery by drone. Prior to joining L'Oréal Deutschland as CDO, I was Senior Vice President for fraport AG's overall digitalization strategy (among others. Frankfurt Airport) and, together with my team, have developed the largest and most modern omnichannel shopping platform in the aviation industry, which is now used by airports and airlines worldwide.

My Way as a Founder

As a company founder, I have also gained a lot of experience. So I founded the lucky biscuit company, which is unique in Europe in its positioning in the mass customization e-commerce market. In addition, I founded a board game publisher and invented a children's board game with FLIPFLICK. In addition, there was a music publisher for podcast productions as well as angel support to set up a meditation center in Madrid, Spain. My company AI RETAIL combines these experiences and offers advice, coaching and lectures.