Audits & Tools

My standard repertoire includes conducting audits that I have personally developed and performed in the various contexts and functions of my professional past. Furthermore, I have a lot of experience in the identification and implementation (i am towards trainings and trainings) of digital tools, which can facilitate the digital transformation work of your marketing or digital department as well as interface teams.


Data Audit / Data Privacy Audit

I am carrying out a comprehensive analysis of their data. This includes the identification of all existing data pools and data collection points – often a very small-scale research work. In the next step, I perform a quantitative and qualitative data analysis, the results of which give you information about the data quality, data protection implications/GDPR as well as possible potentials (deletion recommendation, data rescue options, harmonisation, structuring, busines-focused usage options) in a decision-ready reporting. On this basis, I am happy to develop a forward-looking data strategy and "playbooks" for your business with you.

Website & Tagging Audit

Your website is extensively and multidimensionally checked. The customer perspective (user experience) as well as in particular the business perspective (used technology, implemented analytics, website KPIs) are checked and concrete weaknesses as well as optimization potentials are derived. Optional is the implementation of a digital store check, if your brand or brands are marketed in your own webshop (D2C), via retail partners in e-retail or on marketplaces such as Amazon or Zalando. The generated insights will enable you to professionalize and, in particular, profitee your e-commerce activities. Guaranteed.

Digital Excellence Benching

It is often difficult to assess the entire scope of one's own digital activities objectively and with comprehensible criteria with the competition or even the own potential in-house. For this reason, I have developed a standardized approach to defining, measuring and evaluating digital success. In their used methodologies, this procedure is specifically adapted to the respective company and brand situation and adapted to the content. The analysis and investigation is then carried out – several times over a period of several months, in order to identify and filter out developments and seasonal fluctuations. As a result, you will receive a comprehensive analysis, which can be used and continuously updated as a basis for the further strategic and operational development of optimization measures. Ideal for measuring success and as a first step for visualizing all business-critical digital KPIs.

Tool implementations

Data visualization

Merging business-critical data sources – digital, online, offline – in a dashboard or real-time visualization tool is my personal passion. I have gained extensive knowledge about the entire process – most recently at LOREAL Germany, where I led the complete introduction, commissioning and training of a powerful data visualization solution over several years. I am happy to coordinate a corresponding project in your company, carry out preparatory analyses, coordinate KPI expectations and definitions across stakeholders and support in the technical implementation of the selected Visualization solution (examples DOMO, Tableau).

E-Retail Transparency & Influencer Management

I have a lot of experience with tool implementations to support digital transparency or to professionalize their e-commerce or social media activities. I would be happy to assist you in the selection of the right tools for you and help with the implementation and configuration of the appropriate solutions (e.g. CLAVIS, Searchmetrics, Traackr, Bazaarvoice, Sprinklr, Trbo and many more) – until your teams are trained.