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Do you find yourself again?

With me you are right if….

… You are not looking for a "digital miracle weapon" or a "silver bullet" to bring your business back to the top of the market. That does not work. unfortunately.

Your status quo: You have been running your business successfully for decades, but you know that it will no longer work "like this" in the future. So you're looking for clear and "simple" digital solutions, but are more focused on using your current resources? Then we should speak! I see my task as starting a new form of market orientation – the core of digital transformation – together with you and your employees.


Ab Mitte 2020 folge ich weiter meiner Passion: Die digitale Welt zu entmystifizieren und Unternehmen dabei zu helfen, sich neu zu erfinden. Das mache ich diesmal wieder ganz konkret, exklusiv und im Rahmen einer “Corporate-Mission” in Festanstellung – beim größten deutschen Einzelhandelsunternehmen und Top 10-Player weltweit. Für Ihre Beratungsanfrage oder Ihr Projektvorhaben möchte ich Ihnen meinen Partner, Dr. Ralf Strauß, Managing Partner der Customer Excellence GmbH in Hamburg, vertrauensvoll empfehlen.

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I'll help you find the right digital strategy and operational approach for you – while demystifying the thicket of all possible options based on real experience in five industries and four multinational companies. My specialty is particularly important in understanding conservative corporate cultures. I am able to initiate the most complex pilot and lighthouse projects, which can be realized as "impossible", and implement them within a short period of time – always with the aim of involving relevant stakeholders as much as possible, all levels in the company. and motivate even larger projects. 

Focus fields of my work and current mandates

  • Extensive "digital readiness" audits
  • Redesign of marketing organizations
  • Construction of digital excellence centers, CDO teams or CMO structures
  • Implementation of data science teams
  • Basic and Digital Readiness Analysis
  • Omni-channel strategies for manufacturers and retailers
  • E-commerce from concept to market launch
  • "Impossible" pilot projects with a press release character
  • Reorganization (job profiles, processes, industrial relations)
  • Digital upskilling that makes the entire workforce ready for digital transformation

Digital Transformation, Digitization, Change: Never Done? Then it is possible! Please contact me about your specific project and for support in every conceivable way.

Talk to me! Together, we find solutions that are significantly more sustainable than the often-proposed "digital miracle weapon" or the "Silver Bullet". We bring your business back to the top of its market.

My mission:

Digitally demystify! The digital transformation works best without a buzzword cannon, PowerPoint voodoo, rainmakers and magicians who turn it into a secret science. I offer you advice from real experience. Digitization is not an end in itself. How would a startup digitally re-create your previous business model? If you want new results, you have to break new ground.

Typical questions that I answer with you as a consultant – here are the examples of "Data", "CRM" and "Marketing":

  • What data can be collected?
  • What methods can be used to collect data – what are the hurdles in relation to the European legal situation?
  • How to resolve data silos?
  • How to build a data science team?
  • How can data be used in communication?
  • How to build a "data pool"?
  • How can offline data be integrated into the data strategy?
  • How to build a professional CRM?
  • Which systems have proven themselves in digital transformation and digital marketing?
  • How do you create common structures, for example across brands or business areas?
  • How can you optimize the interaction with agencies?

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