1:1 Executive Coaching: Presenting your company's digital strategy with security

This coaching enables you to develop a technically convincing and content-inspiring presentation of your company's digital strategy in just one day. You will also try out an impressive and type-appropriate presentation – until everything fits as perfectly as your suit.

1 day – 1:1 Intensive coaching – Only for managers, area managers, managing directors and C-level

The days of presenting the company's digital strategy were long gone and were reserved for the "digital people" in the company. Today, the decision-makers, division heads, managing directors and board members themselves are on the big stages of their industry events and digital congresses. And there are more and more of them – and they shape the public image of your company: with your current and future employees and, of course, with your customers.

Why? Because digital strategy has become a corporate strategy. The customer or consumer is the focus and companies react to the changed general conditions. Or they plan it. Technology, digitalization, digital transformation – all key words that need to be filled with meaning today.

But today's audience is critical. Everyone has an opinion on "Digital" these days. As a decision-maker, you cannot afford to show weakness, ignorance or indifference in the presentation of your strategy. You need a congress-safe presentation. And this type of presentation may differ from the PowerPoint slides, documents, and documents that have already been developed in your company. Because they were conceived and made for other target groups. What you need is a comprehensible, convincing and at best inspiring presentation for outsiders. Both in terms of content and didactic and technical. Because inspiration is the currency of good presentation. You always notice this when your viewers' smartphones "go up" to photograph your slides and your performance. And through inspiration follows communication – it is positively reported, tweeted, posted and written about you and your company. And no heads shaken.

  • 6-8 hours / 1 day coaching at YOU in the office
  • Complete view of your digital strategy and existing documents
  • Discussion and joint development of a common thread
  • Development of a congress-safe presentation including slides and speech text
  • High-speed smartphones guaranteed by their viewers!
  • You determine the date!
  • Only for executives, C-levels, Area Managers, Managing Directors

Structure of your coaching day "Congress-safe digital strategy"

My personal individual coaching helps you to significantly improve your presentation and your speaking skills in a personal environment. But please don't get this offer wrong – it's not a "therapy session" where we just talk or rehearse your existing talk. On the contrary:

  • We look at the existing material together, e.g. your company's digital strategy and any existing presentations/documents.
  • Afterwards, we discuss the essential core aspects constructively and critically and work out together which unique message you REALLY want to send. Also against the concrete background of the occasion, the audience and other speakers of the day.
  • Based on this, we develop a content, didactic and factually optimal red thread. Target group-oriented, inspiring – congress-safe.
  • And then… we create exactly this presentation! This is faster than you think. And while we are doing this, we are already working out your text of speech.
  • At the end of the day you have everything "on it". Look forward to a perfect lecture.

Shortly summarized

  • 6-8 hours / 1 day coaching at YOU in the office
  • Complete view of your digital strategy and existing documents
  • Discussion and joint development of a common thread
  • Development of a concresing presentation including slides and speech text
  • You determine the date!
  • Only for executives, C-levels, Area Managers, Managing Directors

What do you get from it?

  • You are able to deliver a convincing, inspiring and – above all – target-group-appropriate presentation of your company's digital strategy. Congressive!

In detail:

  • For your viewers, you certainly appear in the topic (because you are at the latest now!): As a convinced and convincing speaker and not as a "reader" of a presentation that others have made for you.
  • You position your company and yourself optimally and with at best long and positive reverberation
  • Your slides and statements are "divisible" – your viewers will use their smartphones to document your statements, appearance and impact. This creates a positive response on social networks and media. And that has a longer effect than your actual speech. Win-win-win!

Your coach: Kai Schmidhuber

After top executive positions at LOREAL (Chief Digital Officer), HENKEL, DHL (Vice President) and FRAPORT (Senior Vice President), as a digital transformer, it is my passion to help companies reinvent themselves. My mission: digitally demystify! I work without buzzwords and I'm not one of the "magicians" who make the digital world a secret science. With me you get clear text and input that will take you and your company forward here today. And I know what I'm talking about. Because I have already implemented each and every one of my recommendations myself or accompanied them in their consequences. I bring in more than thirteen years of professional experience "with rolled up sleeves" and combine this with the entrepreneurial spirit of four successful start-up sstart-ups. As a keynote speaker with more than 60 appearances in 2019, I know how to convey content in an entertaining, target-group-oriented and instructive way. Motivational boost guaranteed!

Why am I the right coach for you and your presentation? As different as the industries are, my professional stations have an interesting commonality: my ideas and strategies have changed big global companies forever. Whether it's the introduction of the daily delivery of parcels in Germany, the world's first drone delivery, the creation of the world's largest online marketplace for aviation or the transformation of a cosmetics company into a beauty tech business: I always had to and stakeholders. My tool: Presentations. And after the internal persuasion work was done, we always went out to the big stages of the industry. You can see for yourself on the Internet, because there has been a lot of reports. More has happened since then. I am now an honorary lecturer with more than 60 appearances in 2019 alone. I do know what I am talking about. And how to speak. And I look forward to it!

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